This publication provided news to the anti-fluoridation movement in the
United States.  It also covered a variety of fluoride stories and research
on the biological effects of fluoride.

Edith M. Waldbott was the first editor of “The National Fluoridation
News.”  Her husband was Dr. George L. Waldbott, one of the founders of
what became the International Society for Fluoride Research.   Dr. Waldbott was a well known allergist who was widely published.  In 1953, Waldbott was the first to
recognize, and describe a new disease he called “Smoker’s Respiratory
Syndrome.” This was the first association between tobacco smoking and
chronic respiratory disease. Until then, the condition was known as
idiopathic asthma.

In 1963 Ethyl H. Fabian took over as editor and publisher.  Her husband
was Robert Day, a cartoonist who contributed hundreds of drawings to the
New Yorker and other publications.  Mr. Day contributed many unsigned
cartoons to the National Fluoridation News.  In 1985 Shirley Graves, who
worked closely with Dr. John Lee, became editor and publisher until the
last issue in 1988.

The papers of many leading fluoridation opponents, including George
Waldbott, as well as the editorial records of the National Fluoridation
News have been deposited at the University of Massachusetts Amherst – Du
Bois Library. That can be found HERE

Thanks to Chris Neurath, the University of Iowa, and Mike Dolan of the
UMASS Department of Biology for helping with this project.

-Doug Cragoe March 2016


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